Photos of the Cologne Zoo      
    and Game Preserves in Cologne, Germany        
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    Welcome to Cologne!            
    This is a "local" web site with many pictures of the large zoological garden in Cologne
    (Zoo Köln) and the small game preserves (Tierparks, Wildparks) around the city of  
    Cologne. The zoo is one of the nicest in Germany.         
    Cologne is located in the Rhineland of Western Germany. There are one million  
    citizens living in Cologne. It is the fourth biggest town in Germany. Cologne is  
    known for the great gothic cathedral (Kölner Dom), the Eau de Cologne (Kölnisch  
    Wasser) and the two month lasting carnival (Karneval).      
                    The web site of Cologne.    
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    On the "foto_start"-page you will find for example the following galleries    
    showing the zoo:              
      Kalender 2007 "Marlar und Freunde" Elefant Calendar 2007  
      Kalender 2007 "Zoo Köln"     Calendar 2007  
      Kölner Zoo - Großer Rundgang 2005 A walk around in the zoo  
      Elefantenpark 2005     The new elefant park  
    Trips to the small game preserves around Cologne:        
      Gut Leidenhausen in Köln-Porz   Birds of prey  
      Gut Leidenhausen - Tiersegnung 2004 Benediction of pets  
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    Short version of the german texts          
    The german text gives background information about the zoo and game  
    preserves. And about my person: I am an electrical engineer and photography is  
    my hobby for more then 20 years.           
    The page "fototipps" is about my equipment and my experience with it. The   
    pictures have been taken with two older Nikon cameras (F3, FE2) and one small  
    digital camera Olympus C-4000 (4 megapixel). The films have been scanned by  
    Epson Perfection 3200 Photo, a flatbed-scanner. This web site is produced with  
    Microsoft Excel. The galleries are generated by Photoshop Elements 2.0 - it came  
    with the flatbed-scanner. This software combination is easy to use and it works.  
    In summer 2005 I bought a second digital camera: Olympus C-8080 (8 megapixel).  
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      Juergen Becker            
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